Discoloration of skin (white and brown spot) on hand, neck, face, legs include for the treatment

Did you know about the discoloration of skin?

Discoloration of skinThis is a problem skin pigmentation or we often refer to as hypopigmentation. Discoloration of skin problem actually is not a serious health problem, but this very disturbing one's appearance. The main cause of the discoloration of skin problems including the age of a person, including black spots, which are sometimes caused by sun exposure. Scars can also make a discoloration of the skin. You have to beware of is if the discoloration of skin caused by growth on the skin/bump on the skin, it must be regulated because some can be cancer or infectious. An example is a mole, it can grow big.

Brown discoloration of skin

Brown discoloration of skin is usually a mild skin problems, This occurs because melanin your body produces too much or too little. It is triggered by an enzyme called tyrosinase, for example if you are direct sunlight too long, then the skin will produce a lot of melanin, resulting in a brown discoloration of the skin. But it depends on how much exposure to sunlight, melanin does provide some amount of protection and this explains why the skin color of darker less susceptible to sunburn and the overall effects of sun damage.

White spots on skin

White spots on skin are also included in the discoloration of skin. This skin problem is shaped white spots, melanocytes causes skin not producing sufficient melanin pigment, other causes are due to genetic disorders, did you know that this genetic disease causes white patches on the skin. Too.

Discoloration of skin on legs and between legs

Discoloration of skin on legs usually occur in diabetics. Why? Because skin discoloration in diabetics are symptoms that indicate a blockage of blood flow or insulin resistance. Color change in diabetics due to blockage of blood flow usually is brown. If more severe discoloration of the skin will be red. As a result of diabetes, discoloration of skin on legs can also occur due to hormonal changes and damage the surface. For example the scratches of shaving legs can cause small skin trauma increases the risk of exposure of colored spots on your feet.

Discoloration of skin on hands

Discoloration of skin on hands usually occur due to sun exposure, brown spots due to sun exposure is most often seen on the face and hands. Sunscreen is an ideal way to prevent spots, while some different methods can get rid of them. Did you know that a lack of vitamin B12 can cause discoloration of the skin on the hands as well? According to the journal's 2008 health vitamin B12 Deficiency can cause hyperpigmentation or skin color changes to Brown.

Discoloration of skin on neck

If you experience discoloration of skin on neck, it could certainly affect melanin sun exposure in the neck, resulting in discoloration of the skin. If you are too often get exposure to direct sunlight on your neck, so problem of pigmentation on the neck could happen to you. The problem occurs because of the pigmentation of melanin in the skin absorbs ultraviolet rays, which can darken the pigmented areas on the neck. To address this, always wear sunscreen that contains UVB and UVA.

Discoloration of skin on face

Discoloration of skin on the face has many causes, many women usually experience discoloration of skin problems on face. Acne is the most significant cause. Acne lesions can cause redness and scarring that causes skin discoloration. The second cause is exposure to sunlight. If this happens in the long term, may cause changes to pigmented / brown spots and white markings. Rosacea skin disease causing red, especially on the forehead, cheeks, chin and nose, and may be accompanied by bumps, this is also the cause of discoloration of the skin on face. Cause of the last in our opinion is the Melanoma. It is a skin condition that causes brown spots on face generally occurs in women during pregnancy.

Discoloration of skin treatment

To doing home remedies for discoloration of skin, you can use lemon juice on the skin. Do it every day, you can also use red onion slices if you do not have lemon juice. In addition to using external maintenance, maintenance of the body is also important, Eat lots of vitamin C, such as broccoli and citrus fruits. It helps fight free radicals that are responsible for skin discoloration, and helps repair skin tissue.

Besides home care, you can also consult with a dermatologist. Some recommended doctors may use a light chemical peel. Doctors can also prescribe a bleaching cream with hydroquinone 4 percent. This cream is safe to use as long as you follow the doctor's instructions. In addition you can also do like microdermabrasion skin care. This is a procedure performed by your dermatologist where the engine will remove the top layer of your skin. And laser maintenance. In this procedure, laser heat will remove the top layer of skin.

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