Home remedies for dark spots ; Lime wedges, Tomato and Egg whites


Home remedies for dark spots ; Lime wedges, Tomato and Egg whites - Dark spots on female facial skin, could lead to declining confidence, especially for women.

Home remedies for dark spots ; Lime wedges, Tomato and Egg whitesAre you having trouble finding a remedy to treat dark spots on the face? If it is the case. To get rid dark spots on your face, you don't need to worry because there are a few home remedies for dark spots. By using a natural ingredients. It will make your face that is so smooth and without any side effects. Read on this article ( find about dark spot remover for face ).

Lime wedges

Lime wedges will help remove dark spots on your face. Lime is believed as a traditional medicine since ancient times. The trick is by mixing lemon with one tablespoon of olive oil. Then apply to entire face before going to bed. After you wake up, clean with warm water.


Plum Tomatoes In addition to being used as a cooking ingredient it can also be used as an ingredient to eliminate dark spots. Here's how using them is cut into 4 portions of tomato. Then after that, use those pieces to mask on your skin face. Apply it every day or at a time when there is spare time. Acne scars and dark spots that will be lost from the skin of your face.

Egg whites

Use a sheet of tissue, try not to tear easily, pour the liquid egg whites into the bowl. Then dip it into the Bowl that has been poured the egg white.  After the tissue fluid submerged egg whites then paste on your face that there are dark spots. Paste evenly and then wait a few moments until it dries. Then after the tissue that has been dipped last dries. Flush your face. When washing your face use clean water. Do this process twice a week.

Tips to prevent the occurrence of dark spots on the face

  1. Quit smoking. Because, it can accelerate the wrinkles and blemishes on your face. A smoker faster wrinkles and dark spots appear on the eye area.
  2. Keep your weight. Because obesity can also lead to wrinkles on your face.
  3. Consume nutritious food. If you are malnourished, it will be easier on your face of crinkle.
  4. Avoid sunshine directly onto the face.

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