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How do you achieve the white skin with natural skin whitening cream? This is what most people with dark skin fears over asking. There are many causes of dark skin but the most common reason would be hereditary. If your parents have dark skin then you will most likely have dark skin too.

Home remedy natural skin whiteningThe main enemy is the sun darkened skin. Wearing sunscreen and other clothes to protect you from harmful UV rays can reduce if not prevent skin damage, hyperpigmentation, and sun burns. This is where the skin whitening medications come into play. There are many techniques or procedures to achieve the white skin. You can live treatment and applying creams and lotions or taking whitening supplements. But this weakness is that it will cost you more. For that reason, it is important for everyone to know about home remedies for skin whitening. Natural home remedies can be done at home without any expensive materials or materials to purchase. Natural products containing plant extracts, are increasingly becoming popular simply because they usually do not contain harsh chemicals and quite often dangerous ( find about best under eye cream for dark circles here ).

Home remedies natural skin whitening with lactic acid

Lactic Acid is one of the most popular products that people use to get white. For them that do not know, lactic acid is a substance commonly found in milk products and yogurt. This product contains a lot of lactic acid, when it is applied to the skin for about ten minutes to at least thirty minutes, the skin would be expected to be lighter and brighter.

However, it also likely to dry out the skin, so it is important to exfoliate once. Another way on how to get lighter skin with using of dairy products is the buttermilk, that is one source of lactic acid. To take advantage of it will suffice mix it with a spoon of oatmeal, and then we have to apply it on the face as a scrub.

Strawberries and yogurt - they are not only delicious to eat, but they will do wonders for your skin. What you do is blend of strawberries and yoghurt and apply on your skin. Let stand for about 20 minutes before you rinse it off. It will make your skin feel fresh and light.

Home remedies natural skin whitening with lime or lemon

Just like lactic acid, other acids known as the citric acid contained in lemon juice can also serve as a whitening agent. To use this, you should press a small amount on a cotton ball. Then it should apply across the skin before bed. Also, as after using lactic acid, a moisturizer should be applied to the skin as this consequently makes the skin dry.

Another way is: Make a mixture of sandalwood powder, tomato juice, lemon juice and cucumber juice. Apply the pasta on the face and keep it dry and then wash. It helps to get lighter, and brighter.

Lemon juice and rose water - this is the one of the favorites when it comes to natural whitening products. You need to do is mix order lemon and rose water in equal quantities and apply to your face. Leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning with cold water. It is so effective that you will see the results in the morning!

Home remedies natural skin whitening with papaya

One of the most popular ingredients known to humans as the whitening solution is the papaya. Naturally occurring compounds known as papain is a powerful bleaching agent. Still to be applied to the skin to at least ten to twenty minutes, and after rinsing one should kept to apply moisturizer to keep skin does not dried read Papaya whitening face mask.

Home remedies natural skin whitening with honey and almonds

Another homemade skin lightening cream is the a mixture of honey and almonds. You can make that effective whitening cream ingredients. That you need is a teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice 1 and ½ teaspoon almond oil. Mix slowly up into a paste and apply on your face and other parts of the body and then let it stay for 10-15 minutes. This medicine will provide glowing skin and prevent the formation of melanin.

You can mix one teaspoon of milk powder, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of lemon juice and half of almond oil. You should apply it on your face as it helps in removing tan and make your skin glow.

Home remedies natural skin whitening with aloe vera

Sometimes, the best way on how to get lighter skin is with prevention and treatment. One should be very careful of his or her skin so it can look healthy and beautiful all the time. There are various ways to make the face glow like pearls, many treatments, lotions and creams available in the market. The best option available is natural method. Your kitchen products such as Aloe Vera, Apple cider vinegar, dandelion soap, lemon juice and buttermilk Castor oil. These is just some of ingredients most commonly used home remedies to get rid of dark spots and brighten your skin tone. Entering this drug regimen to your daily beauty and apply, it will definitely brighten your skin in a short time read Aloe vera for skin whitening.

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