How can we make our hair soft and silky


How to make hair silky? Hair smooth and silky like artist is not something easy. If we want it, it requires regular maintenance. Everyone has a different hair types like dry hair, split ends and hair healthy. If you have healthy hair, it's very easily to get your hair smooth and silky. But if have dry hair, what should I do?

How can we make our hair soft and silkyHow caring for dry hair is actually very easy. Control your portion food size containing oil. When you do a low-fat diet, of course your hair be protected from excess oil. The women or even men who have dry hair types should as much as possible avoid the hairdryer. The solution that you can choose the hair drying is to let your hair dry naturally. It is better for the health of your overall dry hair. When finished washing your hair, it is recommended to use extra conditioner. Conditioner is specifically formulated to address the damage dry hair. The content of ingredients in the conditioner will help protect and replace the natural oils hair.

Follow the tips below to make your hair soft for women / men

To get fine hair you should use a shampoo made from mild as baby shampoo. Use a mild shampoo made from it will not cause hair protective oils peeled off. If you have dry hair, use castor oil can help to give the oil on your dry hair. Castor oil does not contain the chemical elements. So there is no risk in using for hair.

Immediately wash your hair after swimming or traveling outdoors. For dry hair, try not too frequent washing. This can causes the loss of natural oils of your hair. Compose hair washing schedule a maximum of 2 times a day. Control schedule washing your hair. In addition to maintaining the existing natural oil volume on the hair, it can also make your natural hair look good and stay healthy ( read shampoo that makes your hair grow here ).

Last tip to make your hair soft is to avoid direct sunlight. As this may cause damage to the hair. You can use a hat or umbrella to protect your hair from the sun. Usefulness Avocados and coconut milk rich in oil but also turned out avocado contains vitamins such as B6, A and E. Avocados contain Vitamins C and E, unsaturated fats, and other nutrients to be useful as an antioxidant to ward off effects of ultraviolet rays, moisturizes and protects the skin from dryness. The trick is: Avocados mashed, then add 1 egg yolk and half a teaspoon of olive oil, mix well. Apply on the hair with a silky massage. Let stand for 25 minutes then rinse with shampoo to clean.

That is how to make hair silky. Hopefully this info is useful. Avoid things that can cause damage to your hair.

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