How to keep your vagina clean


How to keep your vagina clean?

How to keep your vagina cleanCleanliness is important to do, because the vagina is exposed to a variety of health disorders are vulnerable, needs to be done for effective and efficient care. Rinse the area your womanhood every time you urinate or defecate with clean water. Don't forget, with dry towel orĀ  non-perfume tissue. It is to prevent your damp area of femininity and became a hotbed of bacteria and mushrooms.

Use panty liner hindering air circulation

Facts about Panty liner believed could help the absorption of liquids in the vaginal area. Panty liner thus detrimental. The panty liner makes vaginal couldn't breathe freely. Whereas, in order for the key areas, your femininity is staying healthy is a good air circulation. If there is air trapped long enough in your intimate organs, it will most likely also become a high humidity. It certainly will cause a whitish.

Try you to wear panties that can absorb sweat. Currently, a lot of underwear that is made from polyester material who is actually not very good material to absorb sweat. Indeed, in reality, such material was "cold" and not overly attached to the skin. However, behold, polyester is not recommended for materials used in the underwear. The reason for maintaining the cleanliness of the area, we recommend that you select clothes femininity in a cotton-based.

These materials are very good at absorbing sweat so as not to cause your vital organs of damp. Then, replace your underwear at least twice a day as part of good habits in maintaining the cleanliness of your vagina. How to actually keep clean. Your intimate organs can be done easily and simple, that is as follows.

  1. Always make sure that the area stays dry. Bring dry towels or wipes constantly without perfume and drain your vagina every finished urinating and defecating.
  2. Give sufficient air circulation in organs. Do not use the pants are too tight.

All biological mechanisms that occur is the process of cleansing the body of impurities. Therefore, there really isn't a complicated treatment is needed in maintaining cleanliness. For example, in the blood of menstruation contained a variety of hormones that have already expired. Menstruation in order to regenerate the body is always useful.

When you experience a menstrual cycle, changing pads regularly, no need to use vaginal cleaning products as you can see on the market. With enough clean water (warm, if possible) area of femininity, you can be already perfectly clean. I hope this article was useful and could be helping you to become more intelligent. Maintain cleanliness of the body it is necessary, but by no means all kinds of need to be doing.