How to remove dead cells from face


How to remove dead cells from face

How to remove dead cells from faceWhy dead cells on the face it is important to be cleaned? The main cause of acne problem is a result of dead skin that sticks to the skin pores. Therefore, clean up dead cells is very important for us to do so as free from skin problems. Our skin also experienced growth as our increasing age, this causes a lot of dead skin cells that piled up on the face and around the face area. How to remove dead cells from face?

It happens every day on the skin, it's amazing if you see more detail, that there are millions and even hundreds of millions of cells in the human body, and every day there is movement, growth and change. Do not just stand when the condition of the skin is duller, darkness and not shining. Stacking the dead skin cells in the pores is the main trigger. Well, the problem is the dead skin cells could not be disappear by itself, the cell will still stick to our skin. Here is a simple way we can do:

Wash your face every day and using masks

With a washing the face regularly, dead skin cells will also gone from pores - our skin pores. Rub face gently and soap is also works to remove dead skin cells. Masks are suitable for removing dead skin cells is a mask from an olive oil, honey, aloevera, carrots, yogurt and papaya. Today is also a lot of ways such as laser, facials etc., but choose one that best suits your skin, because everyone's skin type is different.

Besides the natural way, you also need to exfoliate regularly. Its function is not only to clean but also stimulates growing the new skin cells more healthy. Exfoliate, also increase the skin's ability to absorb care products such as serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen that you use, so that it works more effectively. To exfoliate, exfoliator formula there are three options. In order to use more effectively, matching the skin condition.

1. Scrub

Products scrub contains small solid particles. Sufficiently effective to remove dead skin cells on the surface. You can also use natural ingredients to be used as a scrub, such as sugar, coffee powder or salt. Very fitting for normal and oily skin. Milk Scrub exfoliator can be an alternative option.

2. Chemical exfoliator

Chemical exfoliator, containing alpha hydroxy acids, which are more effective clean up of dead skin cells than scrub. Not only clean the surface of the skin but also in the deeper layers. Suitable for skin that tends to dry. Can tighten the skin

3. Enzyme

These products rely on enzymes to remove dead skin cells. Find a product that contains natural enzymes from papaya or pineapple. Very suitable for sensitive skin types. Most important is to do the simple, but useful for removing dead skin cells, such as washing the face.

Overcoming dry skin

Peeling and dry face skin most often occurs by sensitive skin. The best advice is to do the right skin care such as:

Keeping food nutrients, especially Vitamin C and D and E to improve skin cells are dead or damaged and stimulate growth again.

  • Vitamin C is abundant in citrus fruits, green vegetables and medicinal supplements
  • Vitamin E is found in many green vegetables, nuts, eggs, milk and other supplements medicine.
  • Vitamin D can be obtained from the morning sun

Increase drinking water at least 8 glasses a day, function to prevent the skin from dehydration.

Eating foods that contain AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) which is responsible directly issue of skin cells that have aged or damaged.

Caring for and cleaning the skin with a facial cleanser that is safe for your skin, especially at night before you sleep.

Stop using cosmetics that cause your skin dry and flaky.

Avoid prolonged contact use warm water in the bath for long-term use will break down barriers pleated layer of the skin that causes the skin to become dry.

Avoid prolonged contact to water containing high levels of chlorine. High content of chlorine normally found in swimming pools.

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