How to remove tartar from teeth at home


How to remove tartar from teeth at home

How to remove tartar from teeth at homeUsing the tool is not recommended because it will be damaging teeth and gums hurt thus allowing infection. The best way to clean the tartar is asking assistance to the dentist. Your dentist usually had two main ways to clean it completely without surgery, namely:

  1. Scaling method is a way of cleaning the tartar from the surface to the roots.
  2. Root planning is a specific treatment method that can remove plaque, tartar, germs and their toxins caused.

Cleaning highly procedural should only be performed by dentists and nurses because the equipment used is specialized equipment such as scalers, ultrasonic equipment, curettage, etc.. After the cleaning is completed, you must use mouthwash or antibiotics that will prevent infection, speed recovery teeth and gums in order to become healthy again, and also eliminates bacteria caused by plaque and tartar.

How to remove tartar from teeth at home

How to remove tartar from teeth at home? In addition to getting treatment from dentistry, tartar can also be cleaned by natural means. Even though the result is not as perfect and as soon as cleansing performed by your dentist. Natural way this could possibly be a good alternative for those who do not like to feel pain when their teeth cleaned by a dentist equipment. In addition, how to clean it naturally also able to give other health benefits for body.

Besides clean it in certain ways, of course, you may also have to take care your teeth properly. Remember to brush your teeth regularly, at least twice a day, every morning-after breakfast and every evening before bed. Brushing tooth can reduce the incidence of new plaque on the tooth surface and try to an affordable your teeth cleansing in every corner of your teeth so as not to form plaques and tartar.

How to remove tartar from teeth at home? you can use the cloves that have been crushed to scrub plaque and eliminate them gradually and significantly. In addition, you can also use it to rinse clove powder by mixing water.

Apples can also be a reliable alternative how to remove tartar from teeth at home. Consumption of apples can help remove plaque and prevent it from coming back if be consumed regularly. In addition, the nutritional contents in apples are also good for skin health and beauty.

Strawberries are another type of fruit that you can use to clean your teeth at home. By rubbing strawberry fruit that had been cut edges on the surface of your teeth every day, you will see the results; teeth will look whiter, free of plaque, and tartar ( find about home remedies for whiter teeth here ).

How to prevent tooth formation reefs

As already mentioned above, the formation of tartar begins with plaque that accumulated. Of course, this is related to the way we take care dental and oral health. When the treatment less than the maximum, the possibility of plaque buildup on the tooth surface would be greater. For that, do the following:

  1. Plaque begins with the dirt on the surface of your teeth. So, you must make sure that all your teeth perfectly clean every time you brush your teeth. And do not forget to brush your teeth regularly, two times a day so that no dirt and sticky on the your teeth for a long time.
  2. If you are brushing cannot clean dirt stuck in between your teeth, you have to make sure the dirt is lifted by using dental floss.
  3. So as not much leftover food stuck in your teeth and eventually forming plaques, you should not too many, and often consume foods that are high in sugar.
  4. Drinking enough water will also help reduce leftovers - leftover food that sticks to your teeth so that the process of acidification and decay in your mouth can be slightly reduced because the rest of the food does not stick too many.
  5. Remember to check your teeth regularly to the dentist every six months so that your teeth stay healthy, and you keep the smile beautiful. Your dentist will examine how healthy your teeth and give direct care, for; cavities, gingivitis, infections and other problems, including cleaning it with perfect when found tartar and plaque.

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