Causes and solution menstrual cycle disorders in women


If you ask, why is can happening long and short menstrual cycle ?

Causes and solution menstrual cycle disorders in women Yes, indeed such abnormal cycles and something that is not normal there must have been the cause. Here are some of the causes of abnormal menstrual cycle :

1. Hormonal Function Disorders

The menstrual cycle is closely related to the hormone system. The system is regulated by hormones in the pituitary gland of the human brain. The brain will send signals to the ovary to produce ova. Disturbance of this system, of course it will interfere with the menstrual cycle.

What is the solution?

There are two possibilities that can cause hormonal system, in which i.e. excess hormones or hormone deficiencies. In case of lack of the hormone, then the solution is to add less of the hormone. For example the less estrogen hormone is added, then the hormones it anyway. Whereas if the excess, then it is recommended to be given certain medications so that their hormone levels back to normal. For example is consulting a doctor to reduce an excess of the hormone prolactin.

2. Physical Abnormalities and body metabolism

A very fat body or bodies that are very thin can affect the metabolism of the body. For example: a mother who suffered from diabetes the body's metabolic system will be uninterrupted. It also interfere with the menstrual cycle.

What is the solution?

For someone have a very fat, then the best solution is to set back the diet and exercising regularly. Set up the diet with your own physician experts who make sure the process is well underway. Although the diet and avoid the intake of nutrients that go really well balanced, so as not to affect the metabolism of the body.

As for the body of a very thin and avoid the often of consume vitamins, nutritional intake is absorbed so perfectly by the body. For diabetics, the sugar levels in the blood or insulin is very high, could be overcome by drug anti-diabetics. This drug has many name in the market for the drug insulin. In this way, a woman can return a menstrual cycle that she have to normal conditions accordingly.

3. Stress or Mental Pressure

Stress can disrupt the system metabolism in the body. Due to stress, a woman can easily tired. Stress also results in weight plummeted. People who experience mental distress will often sickly. Of course this is all interfere with the metabolism of the body so join the annoying menstrual cycle.

What is the solution?

Stress can increase hormone cortisol that interferes with the metabolism of the body, including reproductive cycle. Overcome stress with solve cause of stress. In addition, stress can be avoided with good time management, which can be placed at any time to work and when the time for the family. You can find experts to consult on the issue you are facing, so that the burden of living more lightly.

4. Which Gland Hyacinth

Impaired function of the gland hyacinth excess (hipertiroid) or production interruption is too low-goiter glands (hypothyroid) can interfere with hormonal systems of the human body.

What is the solution?

For the production of hormones that are too high or too low then the needed consulting to the doctor to find a remedy, so that the production of thyroid hormone can be normal again.

5. Prolactin excess

The production of the hormone prolactin is high can disrupt the menstrual cycle, because these hormones suppress fertility rate of a mother. Actually this is not a big problem, because the body can keep their reproduction organs. However, if it is not in a State of breastfeeding but the hormones prolactin remain high, It will most likely happen in the pituitary gland disorders.

What is the solution?

If you are not doing breastfeeding, the excess production of hormone prolactin caused by stress. Another possibility is due to a tumor on the pituitary gland. Medication for stress, the solution was to resolve the basic problem of stress. As for the tumor, expert doctor assistance required to lift a tumor in the pituitary gland, resulting in menstrual cycle returns to normal and uneventful.

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