Raised brown spots on face


Raised brown spots on face in areas such as the face, shoulders, neck or arms.

raised brown spots on face

Why it happens? Uv radiation and age may contribute to the decreased production of the protein collagen. This causes a number of problems. Toxins and UV radiation may seem like things are completely different, but they have something in common. They cause an increase in the number and activity of free radical molecules. At the molecular or cellular level, that causes raised brown spots on face.

Crusty brown spots on the skin can cause considerable concern for those who suffer from it. This could be a symptom of a serious illness, so it is important to have it checked by your doctor.

Different spots and we can distinguish the following types

Melasma: spots that may arise from the age of 20. They are dark brown, symmetrical, and occurs more frequently in brown skin. Appears on the face (in, cheeks upper lip, cheeks, forehead or around the eyes) and patches of hyperpigmentation. They are caused by excessive sun exposure but also for pregnancy, hormonal contraception or treatment, among other factors. Besides this disease often relapses even if you got rid of them.

Lentigines: appears after years of exposure to the sun. Small black spots and well-defined that appear on sun-exposed areas of the face, chest, back, arms and front upper and lower. They are caused by excessive accumulation of melanin in the cells of the epidermis. They usually appear after the age of 30 and have to do with sun exposure.

Each spot treatment

Place each requiring special care, according to dermatologists type, skin diagnosis and the general characteristics of the individual patient. Therefore, there is no treatment at random places, but each should receive the most appropriate. The therapeutic possibilities ranging from skin lightening creams with a use more sophisticated laser, with low complexity procedures such as skin and microdermabrasion.

Laser and Pulsed Light: used in cases important when trying to get rid of brown spots by removing pigment. The goal is that the pigment absorbs light energy from the light source used and fragments into smaller particles, so that the body can remove it without scarring or depigmentation residual sequelae.

The breakthrough for the treatment of hyperpigmented spots on the skin is the use of a laser that produces millions of microscopic holes in the skin, visible to the naked eye and do not leave more than a temporary redness. During the same pigment extruded top and also increase the penetration of depigmenting substances, and achieve good therapeutic results.

Brown spots are the effects on your skin pigmentation is caused by too much exposure to the sun when you were younger. People with fair skin are more susceptible to this problem so that proper skin protection and proper diet should be used.