Snack ideas for women with gestational diabetes


Snack ideas for women with gestational diabetes

Snack ideas for women with gestational diabetesSeveral days ago I received a question by the contact from reader. The question is "I was five months pregnant. Known from laboratory tests turned out my sugar levels above normal. Though so far I do not have diabetes, even a month before getting pregnant I've had a blood test and at that point was my blood sugar levels considered normal. the doctor said I had gestational diabetes. the doctor just advised me to eat less sweets and control blood sugar levels to a laboratory two weeks. Any snack ideas for women with gestational diabetes? "

I will try to answer,

From various sources of information that I got from the doctor. It is true that gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes incurred during pregnancy, begin to appear around the fifth or sixth month of pregnancy. Approximately 4-5% of pregnant women suffer from gestational diabetes are known and generally can be handled well. Therefore, for those of you who are pregnant not to worry. Really like the information given by the doctor, the disease can usually heal themselves a few months after giving birth.

However, appropriate treatment for patients with gestational diabetes is very necessary, because otherwise the disease can complicate the birth and gives a negative effect on the health of mother and baby. To control blood sugar levels in order, you should limit eating sweets.

But hope you know, sugar (glucose) is not only from food that tastes sweet, but all foods that contain flour, including rice, bread, and a variety of cakes, in the body is converted into glucose. Therefore You also need to limit contain flour meal. Instead, you should emphasis on eating fruits and vegetables to get enough vitamins and minerals, for both mother and baby.

In addition to regulating the diet, one of the ways that have been proven effective in the treatment of diabetes is exercise. Exercising regularly can reduce and maintain blood sugar levels remain normal. Consult your doctor, what a good sport you are doing.

You do not need heavy exercise. Moderate exercise if done on a regular basis will be very good for the health effects, such as morning walk or light exercise routine every day. If you can, ask your physician and your gynecologist sports, so that made a portion of the sport is right for you.

It is important for you to check the blood sugar levels on a regular basis to the laboratory and keep in the normal range with diet and exercise. If the two does not work, your doctor will probably think of other ways, for example by giving the drug. Although gestational diabetes usually will recover after giving birth, but this means your risk of developing diabetes is higher than other healthy women. Therefore it is very important for you to keep exercising regularly and proportionately diet after giving birth soon. Thus the explanation that I can give, hopefully useful.

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