Vaginal itching without discharge


Vaginal itching has many causes

Vaginal itching without dischargeYeast infection is the primary cause of vaginal itching However, no one could diagnose medical problems himself. This can only be done by a professional, and can only be confirmed by health care providers. Therefore, very important consultation to physicians for proper diagnosis.

If vaginal discharge that is normal issue, sometimes humid regions it will also cause itching. If fluid overload, bad smell, itching, burning or abnormal bleeding is a sign of infection in the vagina. Other symptoms are smelly discharge, excessive vaginal discharge; itching and irritation arise, check with your doctor immediately. Because chlamydia is active can also be a cause of itching. Some other symptoms of Chlamydia include whitish, abdominal pain, fever, burning in the vaginal area and painful urination.

What else could be a Vaginal itching without discharge? One of the other causes of itchiness is skin irritation of the vagina or surrounding areas. Itchy continuously cause scratches and infection, may be unpleasant. Chemical irritation such as detergent, cream, douche, etc. can cause irritation. Secondly, stress can leave a woman prone to vaginal itching. Furthermore, feminine itch can be caused by vaginal yeast infection. In addition, some specific skin conditions can affect the vulva and vagina body.

Tips to avoid itchiness on vagina

There are several ways you can reduce your chances of contracting the itch. Avoid colored or perfumed toilet paper. Second, change her clothes wet immediately after swimming or exercise. Next, try to avoid scratching any ways, because this will only aggravate the situation.

The vaginal also has experienced cleaning method that has a balance between yeast and bacteria, which aims to keep the vagina healthy conditions. Vaginal cleaning too often even with SOAP products can actually irritate the vagina and irritation that interfere with the natural balance of bacteria in the vagina.

Kegel exercise is also very important to maintain vaginal health. Vaginal muscles can weaken after giving birth, or age factor due to genetic factors. The good news is that kegel exercise being performed regularly can help tighten the muscles of the vagina back and make sex better as well.

During menstruation, use pads that absorb the liquid with a kind and gentle. Avoid the use of pads containing perfumes or gel pads and look for that can stick well on the panties. Don't forget to replace them for about three to four times a day.

Use panties made of cotton because it absorbs liquid more quickly. Avoid wearing panties are made of nylon or polyester which will make heat, so the area around the vagina become moist, This condition was an admirer of bacteria and fungi to breed.

Shaving pubic hair periodically to reduce the excess humidity.