What cause anemia in women during pregnancy


What cause anemia in women during pregnancy?

What cause anemia in women during pregnancyAnemia of pregnancy is one that many abnormalities occur in pregnant women. Anemia is a condition happened because of someone had the shortage of red blood cells throughout the body. People who suffer from anemia experienced some any unfavorable effects.

Effect of pregnancy anemia is the pregnant woman easily feel tired or decreased appetite and quickly suffocation. Moreover, the symptoms experienced were dizziness, especially when people with anemia is done standing after squatting. It's quite dangerous, if the patient is not aware of his condition can lose balance and fall.

Of course, it was fairly dangerous for the fetus in pregnant women with anemia of pregnancy. To avoid the occurrence of anemia of pregnancy, a pregnant woman should take some action that can keep them from attack anemia. One is, take control of blood pressure at the doctor when routine examination. Pregnant women are strongly encouraged to consume the food menu, which guard against anemia. Some recommended foods such as chicken liver, or blood booster vitamin also. For the vitamins, should be conducted under control a doctor to avoid a bad thing on the fetus ( read about symptoms of pregnancy before a missed period here ).

What cause anemia in women during pregnancy

  1. Activities that drain energy and not balanced with enough rest.
  2. Too many food taboos. A pregnant woman should consume foods that are also consumed by healthy people. Pregnant women in addition to provide food for herself, she must also fulfill food needs for the fetus.
  3. Lack of folic acid into the body. As a result, less blood gets sufficient nutrition.
  4. Heredity or in medical language called hereditary disorders. This is caused age of red blood cells is too short, resulting in the number of RBCs circulating through the body is very least.

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