What food should diabetics avoid


What food should diabetics avoid?

What food should diabetics avoidThis is because the disease is highly sensitive to the type of food that enters the body. So if wrong in consume foods, can have an impact on elevated levels of blood sugar or blood sugar drop drastically. Diabetes is a disease an incurable. So you can do is to control blood sugar levels, in order to be in a normal range. One of them done by controlling the types of food that enters the body.

By maintaining food patterns and avoid some certain types of food, it also serves to prevent other diseases. Because, if a patient with diabetes mellitus exposed to other diseases, especially vulnerable creates complications that endanger the safety of life in the future. However, maintaining a healthy diet does not mean having to leave a lot of food completely. Because at this time are many types of food that can be consumed safely. For example, sugar, at this time, we can get a sugar that are produced for making it safe for diabetic's blood sugar.

 Diabetic foods to avoid list

What food should diabetics avoid and pay attention people with diabetes is any kind of food that contains sugar. However, this does not mean that diabetics should completely leave sugar. Because sugar also serves as a source of energy for the body very important. One way is by the look to alternative sources of food. The energy to the body can still be met. Some food that diabetics need to watch was included:

  1. Foods that contain sugar. This is something that is natural, because diabetes is a type of disease caused by elevated blood sugar levels in the body excessively. For that, the type of sugar used should be sugar specifically made for diabetics.
  2. Rice, is one basic food, on rice contained a fairly high sugar levels. So is not recommended rice consumed by people with diabetes. Food was suggested as a substitute for rice are potatoes and corn.
  3. Soft drinks, soda has artificial sugar high. Therefore, people with diabetes are advised not to consume drinks containing soda.

For you who already have the disease should be able to keep yourself preventing harmful effects in the body. Perform routine control is one step that is highly recommended for diabetics. Thus, any unwanted thing happened can be handled and resolved as early as possible.

Another step that can be done is to identify symptoms of diabetes mellitus was early. Thus, we can avoid the side effects as soon as possible. Because, although it did not show an impact physically, but diabetes is one disease that can cause mortality for the sufferer.

Some of the symptoms of diabetes mellitus type that need to be understood and recognized to include:

  1. The increase in volume and intensity urination drastically.
  2. It comes with a hunger and extreme thirst.
  3. Body weight decreased drastically.
  4. Injuries healing period, take a long time.

When you experience the above symptoms do not need to worry immediately. Because, in deciding do a person has diabetes or not, must be tested in the laboratory. That is by testing the urine sample, to know how much sugar levels in the body. From the results of this urine test will be concluded whether a person is exposed by diabetes.